FAA-PMA Products Approved Listing

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OEM Part No. Description ACDI PMA No. NSN Part No.sort descending Qty on Hand Condition
19015808 Gasket 19015808ACD 53 NE
4046T90P01 Shaft-Extension 4046T90P01ACD 0 MFG
M83248/1-016 Packing M83248/1-016 0 MFG
MS51990E107P Lockring-Serrated MS51990E107P 0 MFG
3060T32G01 Noz,1 Seal-Brg 3060T32G01ACD 0 MFG
4112T24G01 Tube Pt Cooling 4112T24G01ACD 0 MFG
5060T32G01 Support,Ips Duct-Le 5060T32G01ACD 0 MFG
6068T26G14 Stg 1 Shroud Hanger 6068T26G14ACD 0 MFG
102A594P01 Nameplate Aircraft 102A594P01ACD 0 MFG
4069T98P11 Washer,Balancing 4069T98P11ACD 0 MFG
172-210SL-4P2 Connector 172-210SL-4P2 0 MFG
4907T25G01 Tube 4907T25G01ACD 0 MFG
3032T12P02 Plug-Main Frame Borescope 3032T12P02ACD 0 MFG
6039T38G15 Housing No.4 Brg Smp 6039T38G15ACD 0 MFG
9025M79P02 Rivet, Blind 9025M79P02ACD 0 MFG
4923T24G04 Cover-C-Sump 4923T24G04ACD 0 MFG
732035-2 Shim 732035-2ACD 0 MFG
6071T20P17 Control Unit-Digital Electrical 6071T20P17ACD 0 MFG
1391-316 Seal 1391-316ACD 0 MFG
4042T43P04 (R6 19h) Ferrule 4042T43P04ACD 0 MFG
4155T04G01 Bracket Manifold-Fue 4155T04G01ACD 0 MFG
5078T00P02 Clevis-Stage 1 Vg 5078T00P02ACD 0 MFG
MS16625-4150 Ring-Retaining MS16625-4150 0 MFG
3046T46P01 Pin,Shoulder 3046T46P01ACD 0 MFG
4111T12G01 Tube 4111T12G01ACD 0 MFG
5051T34G01 Tube,Main Fuel Feed 5051T34G01ACD 0 MFG
6061T80G01 Seal,Inlet 6061T80G01ACD 0 MFG
J221P252 Packing, Preformed J221P252 0 MFG
244-610 Carrier And Lining Assy 244-610ACD 0 MFG
6038T37G07 Nozzle,S4 6038T37G07ACD 0 MFG
4923T39P08 Blade-Disk-Stages 3 And 4 4923T39P08ACD 0 MFG
783010-19 Stud 783010-19ACD 0 MFG
785419-2 Gauge-Liquid Level 785419-2ACD 0 MFG
4068T96P01 Switch,Differential 4068T96P01ACD 0 MFG
3100915-01 Spring, Helical Compression 3100915-01ACD 0 MFG
3013T25P01 Screw, Locking, Compressor 3013T25P01ACD 7 NE
4069T90P01 Bearing-Rod-End (Lh Thread) 4069T90P01ACD 0 MFG
6055T52G02 Bracket-Electrical Control Unit 6055T52G02ACD 0 MFG
3904T91P01 Clamp,B-Sump 3904T91P01ACD 0 MFG
114H5302-1 Housing 114H5302-1 0 MFG
971699 Housing 971699ACD 0 MFG
4135T67G01 Case 4135T67G01ACD 0 MFG
5123T59G05 Case Compressor 5123T59G05ACD 0 MFG
6082T24G04 Linkage Assy 6082T24G04ACD 0 MFG
S789712-1 Sleeve,Fwd S789712-1 0 MFG
4102T06G01 Bracket 4102T06G01ACD 0 MFG
3174423-2 Cover, Assy, Valve 3174423-2ACD 0 MFG
5044T05P05 Insulation Blanket I 5044T05P05ACD 0 MFG
6055T46G14 Mid Fr Assy 6055T46G14ACD 0 MFG
J1432P10 Clamp J1432P10 0 MFG
M83248-1-017 Packing M83248-1-017 0 MFG
3033T80P02 Ring Inner Balance 3033T80P02ACD 0 MFG
19027633 Identification Plate 19027633ACD 5 NE
416-1188 Cap Assy 416-1188ACD 0 MFG
668733 Bearing Assembly 668733ACD 0 MFG
779247-3 Packing 779247-3ACD 0 MFG
4053T06P01 Nozzle No.6 Bearing 4053T06P01ACD 0 MFG
4902T32P01 Seal,Cd Seal 4902T32P01ACD 0 MFG
588941-379 Shim Solid 588941-379ACD 0 MFG
779062-1 Gear 779062-1ACD 0 MFG
3062T78P01 Cable Assy W4 Grey E 3062T78P01ACD 0 MFG
4112T95G05 Bracket Support 4112T95G05ACD 0 MFG
5066T91P01 Heatshield Inner 5066T91P01ACD 0 MFG
4068T04G01 Bracket-C-Sump Scavenge Tube 4068T04G01ACD 0 MFG
6071T04G30 Nozzle Assy Stage 1 6071T04G30ACD 0 MFG
6053T02G01 Tube Assy-Lube Manifold 6053T02G01ACD 0 MFG
MS9321-05 Washer, Flat MS9321-05 0 MFG
R1473P006 Screw-Flat Head R1473P006ACD 0 MFG
3036T93P01 Pin-Alignment 3036T93P01ACD 0 MFG
3031T50P01 Bushing,Sleeve 3031T50P01ACD 0 MFG
4082T90P01 Hose 4082T90P01ACD 0 MFG
5035T76P11 Filter,Fuel 5035T76P11ACD 0 MFG
6044T60P08 Cable,W4,Yellow 6044T60P08ACD 0 MFG
AS5174R0505 Nipple AS5174R0505 0 MFG
4051T70G01 Gasket,Adapter 4051T70G01ACD 0 MFG
573D299P010 Lever, Vane Actuating Stage 2 573D299P010ACD 0 MFG
4183T00P03 Nut, Stud 4183T00P03ACD 0 MFG
5159T33G01 Nut,Oil-Slinger 5159T33G01ACD 0 MFG
4088T76P01 Sleeve-Main Frame Oil Transfer 4088T76P01ACD 0 MFG
775780-1 Plug 775780-1ACD 0 MFG
5159T61G01 Matched Assy-Yt706 5159T61G01ACD 0 MFG
4088T78P03 Plate-Cover 4088T78P03ACD 0 MFG
775785-1 Restrictor 775785-1ACD 0 MFG
3018-200 Spring 3018-200-EQVTS 0 MFG
6032T89P04 Shaft-Output 6032T89P04ACD 0 MFG
M83248/1-017 Packing M83248/1-017 0 MFG
MS51990E108P Lockring MS51990E108P 0 MFG
3060T39G01 Exciter 3060T39G01ACD 0 MFG
4112T33G01 Tube 4112T33G01ACD 0 MFG
5060T37G01 Tube,Drain,Axis-G 5060T37G01ACD 0 MFG
6068T32P04 Disk Stage 4 Turbine 6068T32P04ACD 0 MFG
1153M64G29 Clamp,Tube 1153M64G29ACD 0 MFG
4069T98P12 Washer,Balancing 4069T98P12ACD 0 MFG
172-210SL-4P3 Connector 172-210SL-4P3 0 MFG
4907T30G01 Tube 4907T30G01ACD 0 MFG
6039T41G01 Linkage 6039T41G01ACD 0 MFG
9187M73P132 Coupling,Clamp 9187M73P132ACD 0 MFG
2005T66P01 Gasket, Connector 2005T66P01ACD 4 NE
4923T24G05 Cover-C-Sump 4923T24G05ACD 0 MFG
1391-356 Seal 1391-356ACD 0 MFG