Contract Manufacturing

If you have an excessively priced, obsolete, or hard to procure part and need it manufactured but do not have a drawing, Aircraft Component Design can solve your problem.

High quality replacement parts are critical to proper equipment overhaul. OEMs typically do not support aging products. Where do you turn when you need discontinued parts—Aircraft Component Design.

We can help you by typically saving you anywhere from 25%-75% off OEM list prices on replacement parts with dramatically reduced lead times.

Whether civilian aerospace, industry, or military, operators are looking to save significantly on the costs of maintenance, repairs and overhauls, as well as delivery projections. Many OEMs are notorious for high prices and long lead times. Post-sales customer service has never been an OEMs strength, focus, or priority.

Provide us with your own drawing or samples of the parts you need made. We will take it from there. We begin by studying the part and its application and take into consideration its fit, form, function, operation, and safety parameters. We work closely with you, your engineers, and your quality department to recommend changes based upon the latest and most cost-effective manufacturing technology, processes, and material.

Then we thoroughly reverse-engineer the part and create our own part drawing and design package. The result is a part that must be equal to—or better than—the original part.

We will even stock the parts for you. Whether you have a drawing for us to build from, or would like us to develop a drawing and data package, please contact us today and we will get started on your project. Get ready to start saving!