Industries Served

Aircraft Component Design has used its diverse background to provide support for not only commercial and military aerospace platforms but also various products or independent subsystems located on these aircraft. We offer both OEM and FAA-PMA replacement parts, many of which have dual use applications. Our specialty is in the engine and engine accessory area. Our component support focuses primarily within the critical fuel, hydraulic and air systems.


Aircraft Component Design has designs for replacement parts on aircraft ranging from rotary wing to business aircraft to small or large commercial jets. Our PMA’s cover a full spectrum of ATA’s with specialties in complex machined parts. Our customers have continually expressed their total satisfaction with our PMA’s giving them the economical solution to the high priced replacement parts and getting these parts usually the next day. If we do not already have a PMA for your needs, our “Rapid to Market” process will work with you to supply you an approved part, in most cases within the normal lead-time of the OEM supplier.


Aircraft Component Design primarily supports the commercial aircraft market however more parts are being seen which are designed as dual use application parts. Many of the military branches are asking for and endorsing the FAA-PMA approval process as substantiation for use within the military. The military is also slowly moving toward the complete use of PMA’s by asking to have their needs fulfilled using the FAA process.

This expanded use of PMA products is placing additional emphasis on strict export controls. Aircraft Component Design employs a rigorous system to screen and apply all export controls, as required.