Our Customers

At Aircraft Component Design, LLC., our Customers are not just a company by which we state “Our Customers are Important to Us” or “We strive for Total Customer Satisfaction" or any of the highly used, highly visible “buzz” statements that all companies use. To ACD, all Customers are important. We consider our Customers not just in bringing in dollars and cents of sales revenue but as an actual part of ACD. Everything we do, everything we say, every meeting we attend, every conference call we're on, our customers are visualized as being in the room with us. Through good times and bad, our Customers are there with us. It’s true what everybody says, “Without Customers you have no business”. So how do we place that Customer so that they feel special? The fact is, you must truly understand your Customer. He is not a number at the best deli counter. You’ll get good service with a smile but the relationship is shallow. In order to establish a long term Customer with a long term relationship you must strive for trust, honesty and integrity. These factors are the cornerstones to a solid Customer – Supplier relationship.

Our products have a special need by our Customer. Our obligation is to fulfill that need every time, on-time and at a fair and honest price. ACD has a varied Customer base. Because we specialize in designing and approving PMA parts on older legacy platforms, on platforms that fail to get sufficient support from the original manufacturer (OEM), we now take their place and demonstrate that our expertise is exactly what they need.

Our Commercial Aircraft Base includes Owners, Owner/Operators, and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) companies such as;

  • Commercial Operators in the following markets:
    • Oil and Gas
    • Lumber & Logging
    • Oversize Construction
    • Police and Security
    • Ambulance
    • Others, our reputation stands by itself
  • Business Aircraft
    • Individual and Fleet
  • Various MRO Facilities
    • Engine Overhaul
    • Accessory Overhaul and Testing
    • Modifications (STC)

In all cases, all assembly, subassembly or component is important to our Customer. Its function may be critical and our reputation of being the company that is honest and trusted throughout the industry allows us to stand out. We are No. 1 with our Customers.

“If you wish to confirm that – Just ask them”