Airlines, aircraft owners, and maintenance facilities on every continent utilize PMA Parts. Commissioning high-quality PMAs is cost-effective and enables companies to operate economically. The aviation industry demands that PMA suppliers support their need for replacement parts as a hedge against what they view as monopoly pricing power of OEMs. Aircraft Component Design helps our customers reduce costs by providing high quality FAA approved engineered PMA parts as effective alternatives to the OEM.

Your PMA Source

Aircraft Component Design consistently communicates with the FAA to tackle the ever-changing requirements in PMA development and approvals. As regulations become more stringent, ACD is on the front-line assuring our systems are continually reviewed for any new requirements as they become available. The entire PMA process is and will continue to become more complex as more reliance is placed on PMAs. The safety of our end user aircraft and lives onboard is of utmost importance to our company. Aircraft Component Design standardized its operation via an extremely regimented engineering system which was reviewed and approved by the FAA. Our PMA process is based on FAA Order 8110.42 and our strict adherence to this regulation aids in the crafting of consistent and predictable product. Our rigorously documented and followed processes allowed us the opportunity to acquire a formal FAA Partnership Plan (MOU) sharing responsibility and receiving benefits from the FAA. This one-of-a-kind program is the benchmark for PMA companies and highlights ACD as a leader in PMA design and development.