Quality Management

Quality is the most integral part of a successful PMA Company. Aircraft Component Design, LLC. has entrenched a solid Quality Management System consisting of a Certified AS9100 and ISO9001 Quality Management System along with a complimentary “Continued Operation Safety” Plan (COS), to assure quality begins at initial design inception and continues through the life cycle of our product. Our exceptional strength within Design Engineering utilizing some of the most advanced tools for Reverse Engineering, along with a base of exceptional aerospace manufacturing sources covering the full range from complex machining and fabrication utilizing all types of special processing, all of which possess solid Quality Management Systems including AS9100 as well as OEM oversight, allows us to produce any design we develop.

Our on-site DAR is responsible to control our product acceptance and provide consistent communication with not only our local FAA office but also all FAA offices under the jurisdiction of our customers.

Our on-site DER communicates the design efforts with our FAA offices and maintains the flow of technical documents for approvals. ACD is one of only a few companies in the country that has been awarded with a “Partnership Plan” from the FAA allowing us “Fast Track” approval processes.

Quality Remains our No 1 Priority and is part of our everyday function.