PMA Product Development

Aircraft Component Design, LLC. uses all of the latest tools and technology to effectively engineer products for the aerospace industry which not only meet the original design requirement from the OEM but exceed these in all respect to assure any product produced by ACD is of the highest quality and operationally safest in the industry.

Reverse Engineering is a tool used to duplicate a product already designed and successfully in use. The FAA as developed numerous stringent guidelines to assure not only the integrity of the product but also the process by which the reverse engineering is conducted. The most predominant document to use to understand the requirements of qualifying a PMA is the FAA Order 8110.42. This Order, although very detailed in nature reflects the result of the reverse engineering process. The criteria outlined in 8110.42 gives the minimum requirements for data in order to meet the design requirements.

Aircraft Component Design, LLC., has developed an extensive Engineering Design documentation system which describes and produces the guidelines to follow  in order to meet 8110.42. Our manuals, reviewed and approved by the FAA, have demonstrated a consistent procedural approach to the PMA development process. The documented process and consistent results given by the process has given the FAA a high level of confidence that we have and will address all facets of the PMA requirements each and every time. ACD has been awarded an Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) rewarding us with a fast track approval process.

An outline of our PMA Engineering Manual covers the following, in detail:

  • Reverse Engineering Guidelines and Procedures
  • ACD PMA Engineering Drawings
  • Continued Operational Safety Plan
  • Part Specific Certification Plan
  • Material Testing Standards
  • Classification of Characteristics
  • Engineering Approval System
  • Non Conforming Products and Request for Engineering Evaluation
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements Manual
  • Design Review Process

These above requirements are formulated and defined in finite detail within various manuals which combined formulate the basis of the ACD PMA Development Process.